Track Your Daily Food and Activity Choices with EATracker

EATracker lets you track your day’s food and activity choices and compares them to the guidelines laid out by Health Canada. For more details about the recommendations, their interpretation and data sources view the EATracker backgrounder

EATracker assesses your food choices and provides personalized feedback on your total intake of energy (calories) and essential nutrients and compares this to what is recommended for your age, gender, and activity level. It also determines your body mass index (BMI) and provides information to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Not only can you track your food and activity choices but you can review your progress over time! To “get tracking”, click on “Take the Assessment” and see how you measure up. You can also view a demonstration of EATracker. Once you complete the initial assessment, you will need to register to access EATracker.

Begin your assessment here.

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